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About Us


Diet Solutions, founded by Dr. Parul Patni, is a leading weight management and lifestyle management clinic based in the Delhi NCR. It strongly advocates a preventive and corrective but natural approach through diet management to address lifestyle diseases such as cholesterol imbalance, hypertension and diabetes, thus reducing one’s dependency on medicines. It offers diet programs to suit every lifestyle. Each program provides easy-to-use bespoke diet plans. Diet Solutions also offers special programs such as pregnancy and diet, diet plans wellness plans for corporate programmes and antenatal classes.

Diet Solutions believes that calorie and nutrition management go hand in hand. Weight management is the resultant of burning more calories than the amount that one takes in. This is achieved naturally, without the use of gadgets, surgery or crash diets, through Diet Solutions Dietary Theory which is based on the following key principles:

  • Meal planning does not mean meal reduction
  • Calorie and nutrition management
  • Following a 6-meal diet pattern
  • Wide variety in diet without deprivation
  • Easy assimilation with one’s eating habits.
    • As Diet Solutions programs deal with lifestyle changes and health awareness to bring about desired results, these continue long term, well after the conclusion of the program.

      For those who do not have the time to visit fitness and wellness centres Diet Solutions’ dedicated online portal provides distance weight loss and lifestyle management programs. Its vast clientele abroad based abroad in the USA, Canada, the UK, Hong Kong and Australia provide glowing testimony of the efficacy of Diet Solution’s distance programs.

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