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Antenatal Classes

Being a parent is an exciting, thrilling, taxing, demanding and a beautiful journey. In our social mileu the entire family gets as excited as the expecting parents and seniors often dole out advice on the "dos and don'ts" during pregnancy. As the same advice has been handed down several generations, as a rule of thumb some of it may not be very relevant to you. Further you may not relish the traditional prescriptions. Several myths about pregnancy and diet are widely believed which are actually counterproductive for example - Eating for two!!! - It may lead to excess weight and complications.

Planning a family raises various thoughts in the minds of to be parents:

  • What is the right time to conceive and am I medically fit to conceive?
  • What changes will I go through during pregnancy?
  • What it the right weight gain during pregnancy and how do I manage it?
  • How can I prevent stretch marks?
  • When can I get back to work post delivery?
  • Will I be able to lose the weight I gained during pregnancy?
  • Antenatal Program at Diet Solutions is a comprehensive program for pregnancy right from pre-conception stage to post delivery stage. It seeks to provide necessary support through effective exercising (Specialist Physiotherapist), balanced diet (Specialist Nutritionist) and addressing various concerns (Specialist Psychologist) to ensure that you "Give Birth With Confidence". The program focuses on addressing the above and lot more questions by specialists at Diet Solutions, thereby helping you resolve any apprehensions that you may have.

    DS Ante natal classes are an endeavour to make:

    • Expecting mothers happy, re assured and healthy
    • Provide the best possible nutrition in for mother and baby- as a nutritionally superior meal leads to better development of the fetus and prevents any nutritional deficiencies and related complications
    • Allay all apprehensions and fears regarding pregnancy, child birth and child rearing
    • Ensure both the mind and body of the expecting mother is fit and ready to give birth to life itself
    • Diet Solutions uses a combination of visual aids and verbal discussions to educate you various issues like Bodily changes, breathing exercises, diet plans for various trimesters, relaxation techniques, parenting tips etc which significantly helps you in your journey to motherhood and even thereafter in coming back to shape. Antenatal programme comes with 3 options:

      • Crash Course
      • Full Term Course
      • Extended Course
      • To get more clarity on the program or to join the program, please email us and we shall revert to you on your specific queries.

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