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Lifestyle Management

Diet Solutions has programs which are aimed at taking preventive and/or corrective action against various lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cholesterol imbalance, PCOD, Thyroid imbalance, digestive complaints etc,with a key focus on reducing dependence on medicines.

Weight Management with Lifestyle Disease

Obesity is the cause of various lifestyle diseases and it is critical that people with lifestyle diseases should quickly shed the extra flab through customized solutions which address both the problems simultaneously and effectively.

Diabetes Management

Research says that 80% of type 2 diabetes can be prevented through diet and exercise.

Cholesterol Management

While improper food habits is one of the biggest cause of improper cholesterol levels it is also the most effective and natural cure for this problem

Thyroid Management

Uncontrolled Thyroid leads to weight gain which further aggravates thyroid imbalance. Modification in eating patterns and daily lifestyle can break this vicious circle.


Improper lifestyle has resulted in increasing instances of PCOD and some modifications therein can help you manage this problem.

Diet Solutions also provide effective health management plans for digestive complaints, post operative therapeutic diets, fluctuating blood pressure complaints etc.

Dietitians at Diet Solutions follow an educative approach wherein during the course of the program, you are well informed about the course of action and once the problem is controlled, you can sustain the normal levels even without continuing consulting. In case if there is a problem, Diet Solutions is always there to handhold you.

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