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Weight Management

At Diet Solutions, we believe in a simple analogy that "If Calories in = Calories out, Weight Gain is Zero". So manage your weight even with full stomach. We need not resort to medicines, surgeries, gadgets or crash diets etc for weight loss as we believe these are fraught with side effects.

Customised Diet Solutions Plans

Young Turk Plan

The Young Turk Plan at Diet Solutions is customized for teenagers and growing kids wherein Nutrition requirement is high to support the growth but there is also increasing instances of overweight and obesity.

Executives @ Work Plan

Executives @ Work Plan addresses the concerns of working executives wherein strenuous lifestyle is leading to increasing instances of various lifestyle diseases like obesity, cholesterol imbalance, fluctuating blood pressure etc.

Diet Solutions also organizes various Corporate Programs which aim at educating executives about nutrition, taking preventive healthcare measures to ensure early detection of any healthcare problem and providing customized plans to improve employee efficiency/productivity.

Geriatric Nutrition Plan

Geriatric Nutrition Plan has been developed keeping in mind the health issues observed as people crosses the age of 40 and aims at application of nutrition principles to delay effects of ageing and diseases

Diet Solutions also provide customized weigh management plans for overweight people with lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, Cholesterol Imbalance, PCOD, Digestive complaints etc. The prescribed diet in such cases not only provides maximum nutrition but also aids the body in getting healthier, reducing symptoms or intensity of the disorder ultimately leading to reducing dependence on medication for these disorders.

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